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So I was sweeping the grounds at a hotel I work at right along the beach strip, and look up as I often do when the corner of my eye catches some possibly unusual wheels passing by; it was a tricked out ol' Datsun B210 I think, but I didn't look too carefully because what caught my eyes were these BRIGHT ORANGE rims. They totally stole the show from the car.

I only saw it for a few seconds as it whipped by, but man... those wheels just grabbed me by my car-lovin' man coconuts and I had to stop and stare, having never seen such bright rims before. I've seen spinner hubcaps and LED rims that light up, and custom decal rims and custom painted rims, but these bright ones were a first for me. My very first thought was that those have to be called 'neon' rims, because they were so, er, neon orange. They didn't look hand-painted like the kid did them himself, they looked totally factory, though maybe I'm wrong.


















I'm building this site hoping someone will see it who knows SOMETHING about these rims. If you do, I'm putting out an open call to you to let me know about them: like what they're officially called (if it's not neon rims), where can they be bought, and I'd love to be sent pictures of them on your rides so I can post them here. Found these few pics on the site, guys I hope you don't mind that I swagged your photos but they're the only ones I could find to illustrate what I'm talking about; let me know if I'm being a moron and should take the photos down. They are on the next page and I've included a link to the site I scooped them from, because they have a ton of other great pics of tricked-up wonderwheels. Would like some real pics from other viewers to use for my header instead of those not-quite-neon stock pics I found. Would love to get a whole whack of pics of them on different rides so I can post them all here on pic pages.

I'll keep this site going for awhile in hopes someone can fill me in. Haven't seen that vehicle in town again, just that first time a few months ago so probably a tourist as this is a real tourist town. I'll put up a couple more lame-ass pages about other kinds of rims/hubcaps just so this site will actually get a little search engine traffic and maybe some of you visitors will actually know something about the neon rims.


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